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LPOA Not everyone knows the law, but I do think that it is important to learn a little about ‘Lasting Powers of attorney’ for your friends and loved ones.

I can highly recommend Moerans Solicitors.


Because they are a highly experienced team of Solicitors and because they actually, ‘understand’ and ‘care’.


Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you lose the ability to manage your affairs, can someone else help you?

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a formal document under which a person gives authority to another person to act on their behalf. Put simply, someone else has the power to sign your name for you. This authority lasts until you decide to withdraw it. Should you lose your ability to withdraw it, a General Power of Attorney ceases automatically.

However, a Lasting Power of Attorney, does not end automatically. This means that if you are unable to manage your own affairs, the person or people you have chosen can continue to look after your finances for you.

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