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A ‘Good News’ story about ‘Care Homes’

The Friends of Care Homes bring reality, life and fun into your care home on a regular basis at extremely affordable costs. It involves friends, families and carers who work together to make this happen, which ultimately benefits all residents.

The friends do not get involved with ‘personal care for residents’, apart from having a caring nature. We concentrate on encouraging families to support their own care home. We build a social network for you by bringing in entertainment and enjoyment; we encourage families to support carers on a regular basis.

The system can be flexible, but normally concentrates on the weekends, when most families are free to come in and support your home, its carers and residents.

The project operates on a very independent basis, so as not to burden your home with extra pressures. We book the entertainment for you, we provide our own mugs/cups refreshments (biscuits/cakes) small side tables (if needed) and we encourage families to be there, just to help and be part of the fun. With this project, you will soon find that your families will be supporting you and your carers every step of the way, sharing the load and spreading the stress. Remember that this project is all about having fun together.

Visitors, be this family members or friends, can often find it difficult and awkward to talk to their loved ones, especially if your friend or family has dementia. These events alleviate these difficult moments, as families and residents can enjoy the entertainment and social activities together.

The key to the success of this project is producing events on a regular basis. This way residents and families know exactly where they are and what they can expect. We produce a package for families right from the beginning. When families approach your care home, they are made aware that if their family member or friend comes into your home, it’s going to be an active and busy one. Honesty, transparency and positive thinking; understanding the whole picture in care, is what this project is all about.

The Events can be flexible to suit different homes, but our experience has shown that A Saturday Coffee Morning from 11:00am until approximately 12:30/40, plus The Sunday Concert beginning at 3:00pm and finishing at approximately 4:30/40pm works well and fits in with residents’ meal times.

Why weekends? Most families are free to support your home at the weekends, not all family members are able to take residents out on a regular basis, so we bring the fun to you. Keeping residents busy EVERY DAY and not just Monday to Friday, is what this project does.

Remember that our expertise is to present and build the project for you. The object of the exercise is to leave you with your own family members supporting the events, so that we can then leave you to it. We help with refreshments and setting up the areas, leaving your carers to continue to care and deal with the residents. This is what we do. However, we are very aware that situations change and when a resident passes, it is quite probable that their family member will then no longer wish to support the home in the same way. We will then come back and find new families to support you. Our time can be as flexible as you want it to be.

How long the project will take to build within your care home will depend on the amount of enthusiastic activity staff, carers and/or families that each home has. The Entertainers are the ones who do the work, everyone else just helps with refreshments and enjoys the events. We will bring families together and they will enjoy supporting your/their care home. Within weeks it should be off the ground and running!

The Saturday Coffee Club is a more relaxed event, when fresh coffee is served and tea and biscuits are offered. We normally have a pianist/keyboard player in the background, which is not only a featured point, but residents will be able to sing along to the familiar songs they will know. Some homes may want to have a simple picture quiz, which is quick and easy to do. It’s a talking point and adds something else to the morning.

The Sunday Concert is where residents sit in rows, when the performer presents more of a ‘show’ to residents. Entertainers will normally involve the residents in some way, offering humour and music. Clapping, swaying and singing is what you will soon see happening with everyone concerned.

These two events will complement each other, as some residents will be more of a morning person and be happy to attend the Coffee Morning, while others who like a lie in during the morning, will be happier with an afternoon event. This also applies to families too.

What facilities would we require? Some space is what we require, a Lounge? or Day Centre? and some kitchen facilities. We would bring everything else. Please complete our Contact Form and we will pop along and discuss things with you.