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Any care home, no matter how fancy you think the surroundings are inside or out, is only as good as the carers and management team in it. If you have happy carers, the chances are that the residents will also be happy and calm. But I believe that it is vital that families know, understand and see ‘the whole picture’.

It’s well known that people offering direct personal care in this industry are poorly paid and quite often are doing the jobs that families can’t or don’t want to do. Caring can be stressful, especially if you are dealing with several people who have challenging behavioural issues on a regular basis.

This project offers some light relief. It offers carers and staff a little time at the weekends to do other things, catch up on care plans and reports, while the entertainment is happening. Or it’s a chance to come in and enjoy a cup of tea with families and residents in a relaxed, supportive, but fun atmosphere. You will hear your carers say that working at the weekends is much more fun since their project started. Carers will also say that residents are much calmer and happier after these events.

Supportive Carers, Positive Thinking Families Create Happy Residents and a fun filled care home every weekend.