Friends of Care Homes


Dear Vicky & all your helpers,

Just a brief email to say just how much we enjoyed the music with mum.

I can truly say that I have never seen her smile so much as I did last week at your Sunday Concert. How Refreshing! It took the stress out of my visit and turned it into a real pleasure.

Thank you and the team for brightening up mum’s weekends.

Please keep up the fantastic work that you do


Jo and Stephen, Harpenden, Herts, January 2015


I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your event in Bushey, everything was so relaxed and such fun. Maxine really enjoyed the seven song sing-along and it was so nice to be able to dance with my wife again to one of our favourite songs.

Your understanding of how stressful life can be, living with a loved one with Alzheimer’s is one to be admired, and all your volunteers were so kind and helpful.

Can’t wait for the next one !

Lawrence & Maxine, Rickmansworth, Herts, January 2015

A letter to the Manager,

I wanted to write to you, about the continuing successful weekends of entertainment that families are running at our home. As you know, these events are brilliantly organised by the Friends of Care Homes. The atmosphere is such a warm one with families, friends, carers and residents enjoying some quality time together on a regular basis. My Grandma, Daisy, enjoys these weekends immensely and looks forward, all week, to going down to the music. I know she really benefits from the events and it certainly lifts her spirits no-end!

I know that Vicky works so hard to arrange the entertainment at exceptionally low cost for us all.

Long may this continue!

Yours faithfully

Nicola T, Hertfordshire, August 2014

Dear Vicky,

Re: Weekend Entertainment

Just wanted to write and acknowledge the success you have achieved since starting the Friends of Care Homes family support group at our home. The weekend entertainment comprising of The Saturday Coffee Club and The Sunday Concert has proved a runaway success.

The Day Centre, which was underused at the weekend, is now a venue for varied and stimulating activities and music and singing every Saturday and Sunday.

Mum has lived at our home for coming up for two years and it has always been difficult to coax her out of her room to be with other residents or join in any activities. Since you started the weekend entertainment mum has come out of her room and joined in the fun with other residents. From hardly ever leaving her room , she now looks forward to the weekends and loves the music. Whatever type of music it might be and singing is on offer she appreciates it and enjoys it. She sings along with all the songs and we feel it has had a positive effect on her wellbeing in general.

It is also an opportunity for us as a family to come and enjoy some quality time with mum and see her happy, rather than sitting in her room with her making conversation until its time to go.

Bob and I are happy to help out on Saturday mornings when we can.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in bringing this very positive addition to our care home.

Continued success!!!

Sue and Bob, August 2013

Letter From A Family Relative

Re your weekends of entertainment
As you know, my father Melvyn became a private resident of our home in February of this year. He is very happy at the home in general, and has settled in nicely.

I just have to add that the weekend entertainment you provide is fabulous. I think as their aren’t activities during the weekends. The Saturday Coffee Morning and The Sunday Afternoon Concert is perfect, and it is a way to involve us families with our residents too. They especially love the sing-a-longs where they all sit happily and clap and sing which is wonderful therapy.

My father would really miss these weekend events if they stopped as I feel he has benefitted from them. It is a wonderful addition to the general running of the home and the residents and families of residents who participate have a lot to thank Vicky and the Friends of Care Homes for.

I try to come and help whenever I can but you always have the time, energy and patience.

Thank you again

Suzanne, August 2013

A Letter From A Relative

Re: Weekend entertainment in our home in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

I felt I must write in support of the wonderful things achieved by Vicky Churchill and her weekend activities for the residents at our home and their relatives.

It is amazing to see the residents, some of whom have difficulty communicating, come alive and take part. My Mum, has dementia and most of her speech is confused but to be with her and watch her singing all the words to the old songs is a special gift, glimpses of the lovely lady we are sadly losing.

Vicky gives so much of herself, her expertise and her time every weekend to making a lot of people happier. I admire her strength, energy and positive outlook – they are very infectious! She makes it easy for relatives, encouraging us to come together and share the caring for a few hours, with people in a similar situation to ourselves.

Visits to my Mum sometimes used to be a challenge – not knowing whether Mum would be in a good mood or grumpy and frustrated, and with very limited conversation, I confess, it was sometimes a chore. With Vicky’s entertainment and The Friends Of Care Homes on the agenda it is now a joy to visit and something I very much look forward to. It gives me & Mum something enjoyable to do together and distracts her from any grumbles/frustrations she may have been having.

Without Vicky, I feel that our home would be a less contented, more restless place to be. I know Mum and many other residents look forward to these weekend activities. Now they are firmly part of the weekly structure in our care home.

Quite simply – Vicky is a god send!
Yours sincerely,

Linda C, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, July 2013

Some Words From One Of Our Regular Professional Entertainers:

'My name is James Bernard. I started singing at the Home after seeing an advertisement in the local paper. I am lucky enough to say that I have previously sung professionally all over the World, so I am now able to give some time to sing to people who truly deserve the stimulation that music and entertainment can give.

I am delighted to say that I have been asked to entertain regularly at the Home and always enjoy my return visits. I am passionate about what the families and carers at the Home do on a regular basis. They change the lives of the residents by their good nature and constant support.

I believe that the weekend entertainment programme that is organised by Vicky Churchill and the Friends of Care Homes, enhances the Home and its carers. I feel this is a vital contribution, which is missing from many other care homes. This can only be of benefit in the development and happiness of their residents. These wonderful people deserve all the joy that this programme brings to their lives, in their advancing years.

I am more than willing to stand up in front of any forum and support the outstanding work that the Friends of Care Homes do. I cannot stress enough how much pleasure the entertainment programme brings to the residents of the Home and I am very optimistic that it CAN keep doing so in the future.'


James Bernard